In the late 1960s, on the heels of the New York Pop Art Movement, a renegade group of Venice Beach and Santa Monica-based painters, sculptors and photographers began to implement advancing technology and unusual materials in their gutsy artistic creations. The maverick attitudes and formidable skills of the artists combined with Southern California's free expressionism and "hang loose vibe" to give birth to the LA School of Art. Also known as the Light and Space Movement, the local art experiment exploded and grabbed headlines around the world.

The bold paintings, pioneering sculpture and inventive photography of the art inspired LA condos of Azzura celebrate celebrate the LA School of Art. More than 150 pieces-from Andy Warhol and Ed Ruscha to Billy Al Bengston and Roy Lichtenstein-grace Azzurra's lobby, gathering spaces and public areas. Each residential level of our luxury LA condos are dedicated to a different artist; every floor transformed into its own private and intimate gallery.
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Tony Berlant
Pacific #19, 2000
Diptych, found and fabricated printed tin on plywood, metal brads
84" x 72"
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